Shoot For the Stars Bath Bomb 

This bath bomb is part of the Christmas Range from 2016. I’ll add pictures when I get round to it as I haven’t had time yet. 

His bath bomb shares it’s scent with the Honey I Washed The Kids Range, so HIWTK soap, HIWMH solid shampoo bar, Santasaurus bubble bar. The smell is very sweet it reminds me of childhood. It smells like toffee or caramel to me, I love layering all the things together that smell the same.

The main ‘body’ of this bath bomb is blue, with 3 star shaped melts on the outside which are yellow and have gold lustre on them. Inside th bath bomb there are 3 more star shaped melts but some people have had more inside. The bath bomb is the same colour blue from outside in. 

The melts in this bath bomb make it very moisturising compared to other bath bombs. And you don’t need to use all 6 melts that are inside you could fis them out of the water when you see them and keep them for other baths. Or just have a super luxurious toffee scented bath with all the toffee scented things

It turns the water a beautiful blue colour with a hint of gold lustre from the melts. The blue isn’t as dark as Intergalactic water but it’s still just as beutiful 


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