Two Hearts Beating as Once Bath Melt Valentine’s Day 2017

Hey guys, so I’m back from uni so I’m free to blog as much as I can now.

So I’m starting today with Two Hearts Beating as One Bath Melt, which I got when it was released during Valentines Day 2017. At first, when I smelled this bath melt I wasn’t sure about it as it smells very floral, and floral smells aren’t something I usually go for. As this bath melt is filled with Bergamot Oil, Geranium Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Rose Absolute, and Ylang Ylang Oil. You can really smell the rose and geranium in it before you even use it in the bath.

The colours are wonderful, with a bright pink and orange heart combined into one melt. Well, two melts that come apart in the middle, the melts slot together tin the middle like a little puzzle. When I fist used this melt I cut off a small piece and used that in combination with other things in my bath, and honestly it was the most amazing thing ever. 

The melt is really nourishing and makes your skin really soft, even just using a little bit like I did. I also noteiced that it didn’t seem to get rid of the bubbles that I made in my bath like I have noticed happens with other bath melts, or even if I wash my hair when its to greasy. 


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