Man Bun Wax Melts from Soy Crumbles UK

I’ll start this off by saying that I love Soy Crumbles UK, everything that they stand for, and all of the scents of wax which I have bought from them recently have been amazing, I’ve not gotten a bad scent from them yet.

Man Bun smells exactly how you would think it would. A manly masculine fragrance, with a hint of lemon. Though the lemon smell on mine could be because of some wax that it has been next to in the box. The main notes of this fragrance to my nose are a sort of aftershave type smell. Which creates a nice fresh scent to this melt.

This melt is a gorgeous blue colour, with bronze coloured glitter on the top. The glitter floats and swirls as the melt are liquid in your burner. Which is very relaxing to watch. It creates a sort of galaxy of stars in your burner.

The melt is very strong and fills the room with scent really quickly once it’s melting. And the smell lasts in the air for hours and hours. I’ve also found that I can get multiple melts from just one cube from a brick of wax from Soy Crumbles, as the melts are so saturated with scent.


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