Forever Living Aloe  

I have given some samples of forever living products to try from a friend of mine. I have never used these products Before but I wanted to give them a go and see if they were any good for me to continue to use.

I was given to try the Forever Bright Toothgel, Aloe Moisturizing Lotion, Aloe Propolis Creme and Aloe Vera Gelly. So far I have only used two of the products and I have to say I am impressed by them both. I will list all of the reviews on this post, not as separate ones so they are easy to find so this post is a work in progress up to now.

Okay, so the first thing I’m reviewing is the Forever Bright Toothgel. I have heard good things about this Toothgel especially for it being able to visibly brighten and whiten your teeth, which I was very looking forward to. Let’s start with some basics of this, this Toothgel contains bee propolis and does not contain fluoride. I have always used a fluoride toothpaste for as long as I remember because I have weak teeth. I managed to get three uses from the sample that I was given. I could have got four if I hadn’t used as much. The flavour of this toothgel is really nice, a natural mint flavour which is really fresh and lovely. It doesn’t burn like some high street toothpaste do. And it doesn’t make my mouth feel all weird after I have used it. I noticed after using this for a day that the bottom of my teeth looked a lot brighter and whiter than they had been the previous day. Which is a big result for me since I have used many whitening toothpastes all with no results. And I drink a lot of tea so my teeth have become tea stained over the years. I also found that this toothgel made my teeth feel sort of squeaky clean compared to other toothpaste which I have used in the past. Over all, I would use this again as I liked the texture, the taste and the overall feel of this toothgel. And I think if I did buy it I would see a huge difference in my teeth health and whiteness.

The second item that I have tried so far is the Aloe Propolis Creme. I’m going to start this review with my one negative thing then get on to all the positives. This Creme smells like hospitals, I don’t know what it is but there is just that smell of something medical. And that’s the only negative, let’s go to the positives. This Creme makes for an excellent moisturiser and makes a really good base for foundation and other makeup. I have used it instead of my usual primer and I found that my make up lasted longer even without using setting spray which I use every time I wear makeup usually. I found this Creme to be nice and thick so I would use it as more of a night cream so it has time to sink in while my skin is warm after having a bath. I also found that his creme helped sooth my skin, as sometimes I find my skin is sensitive and sore from cleansing and makeup and life really. Bee propolis has healing qualities and will help to repair the skin, and I also found this Creme seemed to even out my skin tone, as recently I have found my skin to be red in some areas and blotchy. I have not used this Creme till it was finished so I can’t give a long term review as yet, I will add that as the Creme runs out.


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