Jester Reusable Bubble Bar 

The Jester Bubble Bar shares it scent with Brightside bubble bar. Which is a really bright orange and citrus smell. I bought a Brightside bubble bar a while ago and used that first to see if I would like Jester. The scent is very uplifting and fills you with joy when you use it.

Jester Bubble bar is a bright orange, yellow and pink colour which combine into a lovely orange colour of the water. Even the colour is uplifting in itself. I wish I had bought more, but then again Brightside is regular line meaning I can get more easily.

To use a reusable bubble bar you just hold it under the tap till you have enough bubbles in the bath. Or you could cut off some from the bar and use it in a sieve. Though because they are reusable they are quite tough to cut so it’s best to just hold them under the tap. Then you leave them on the side of the bath or somewhere to dry, though they do drip on everything. You could pat it dry on a towel or tissue before you put it away.

I would completely recommend getting this at Christmas time this year if it comes back, as this is very uplifting smell. The only thing about it is the face of the jester goes funny when you use this under the tap.




Peeping Santa’s Bubble Bar 

Another item from the Christmas range, I really did love this one and I will be getting more when they come out this year (or should I say if they come out this year).

This bubble bar shares its scent with the Yummy Mummy/ Yummy Yummy Yummy range. I combined it with a Roller bath bomb which I had had for a while. I thought it would be nice to combine them together as they both share the same smell. The smell is like strawberries and vanilla together, which is really nice, not too sweet a smell. The smell is sort of comforting as well which is nice especially when you need a hug, you can find a hug in your bath tub. I think the smell is also very uplifting too if you need a boost.

This bubble bar creates loads of fluffy bubbles even with just a little bit of the bar, I used the top of is hat as I didn’t want to use any of the cocoa butter part of this bubble bar. It comes in two parts sort of like a bubbleroon which you can buy in store with cocoa butter in the middle of the two halves of the bar. The cocoa butter part of this bubble bar makes it really moisturising. Peeping Santa also comes with vegan chocolate eyes, these can be cut up as part of the bar to make your bubbles or they can be taken off then eaten or thrown away. Though if you do eat them they will taste a little bit like soap so they might not taste so good.

Peeping Santa makes lovely light red coloured water under the bubbles. It’s not too dark as to change the colour of anything else that you use with it, which is good as I do like to combine produces in my bath if I want something more luxurious. I would use Peeping Santa on its own as it smells wonderful and looks wonderful just on its own.

Overall I love this bubble bar and I wish I had bought more Peeping Santa Bubble bars as they are so lovely and nothing in the normal bath range shares this scent (or at least not that I know of)

Mistletoe Bath Bomb 

I’ve had this bath bomb since it came out near christmas, but I never got round to using it untill the other day. I was a little put off by the smelll of this bath bomb, which I will come to later, and the colours aren’t all that pretty to me. But boy was I wrong to judge this bath bomb on its looks and initial smell. I’m learning more and more as I get into Lush that things end up chnaging and developing in the bath water, or in the shower, and I need to be more open to smells and things I think that I might not like. 

Lets start with the smell of this bath bomb, it smells very floral, like Jasmine. Which is something that I honestly don’t like. I have never liked floral smells unless its been something like lavender which is about the only floral smell I can deal with. I think this bath bomb shares its smell with the Silky Underwear range at Lush, though I could be wrong about that. 

The colours of this bath bomb are light green and a pinkish colour with some white on the outside. These colours combine with the colours in the centre to create bath water which is dark purple. I think the centre of this bath bomb was a more dark pink to purple colour. 

I can’t really say much about this bath bomb other than it was released at Christmas time, it smells like Jasmine and other floral elements. The colours are wonderful, and complement each other really well, and create beautiful coloured bath water. I probably wouldn’t buy this again if it came out this year as the smell just isn’t for me, even though it does smell nice, but it took me a long time to accept the smell before I used it. 

Two Hearts Beating as Once Bath Melt Valentine’s Day 2017

Hey guys, so I’m back from uni so I’m free to blog as much as I can now.

So I’m starting today with Two Hearts Beating as One Bath Melt, which I got when it was released during Valentines Day 2017. At first, when I smelled this bath melt I wasn’t sure about it as it smells very floral, and floral smells aren’t something I usually go for. As this bath melt is filled with Bergamot Oil, Geranium Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Rose Absolute, and Ylang Ylang Oil. You can really smell the rose and geranium in it before you even use it in the bath.

The colours are wonderful, with a bright pink and orange heart combined into one melt. Well, two melts that come apart in the middle, the melts slot together tin the middle like a little puzzle. When I fist used this melt I cut off a small piece and used that in combination with other things in my bath, and honestly it was the most amazing thing ever. 

The melt is really nourishing and makes your skin really soft, even just using a little bit like I did. I also noteiced that it didn’t seem to get rid of the bubbles that I made in my bath like I have noticed happens with other bath melts, or even if I wash my hair when its to greasy. 

Roller Bath Bomb Oxford Street Exclusive

I never thought I would ever get round to using my Roller bath bomb which was so very precious to me, but I did just the other night and my god it was amazing.

Lets set things off with how this bath bomb looks. The top of the bomb is a melt which is purple in colour, sometimes dark purple and sometimes lighter purple it depends on which batch and how fresh the Roller is, as fresher Rollers tend to have a more vibrant colour melt. The bottom half of the bath bomb is a simple white colour, nothing fancy. The inside of the bomb is blue and pink in colour which combine to create purple.

When you first put this bath bomb into the water the while bottom part starts to foam, creating a thick white foam. once you let go the top melt part of the bomb bobs under the water as it is heavy. If you let go of a Roller right it will spin in the water but I couldn’t get mine to do that which was a shame, but I will try with my other melt top bath bombs (Never Mind the Balistics and Over And Over). After the water gets to the inside of the bomb the pink and blue colour starts to come out into the white foam and creates swirls of colour on the surface of the water.

After the bomb has completely dissolved the water is a lovely light purple colour, which is ever so slightly cloudy in colour too. The water is very soft because of the melt on top of the bath bomb which means the bath bomb makes the water very nourishing to the skin so you don’t have to use a lotion after your bath.

You skin will be left with a light strawberry smell which is very soft and light. The smell also fills the bathroom and the entire top half of my house and right down to the bottom of the stairs which I found very surprising considering that the smell of Roller isn’t all that heavy.

This was one of the best baths that I have had in recent days and honestly I love Roller so much, I wish I could get some more. Next time they come into stock online I’ll try and get some because honestly Roller is one of the nicest bath bombs I have ever used.

Shoot For the Stars Bath Bomb 

This bath bomb is part of the Christmas Range from 2016. I’ll add pictures when I get round to it as I haven’t had time yet. 

His bath bomb shares it’s scent with the Honey I Washed The Kids Range, so HIWTK soap, HIWMH solid shampoo bar, Santasaurus bubble bar. The smell is very sweet it reminds me of childhood. It smells like toffee or caramel to me, I love layering all the things together that smell the same.

The main ‘body’ of this bath bomb is blue, with 3 star shaped melts on the outside which are yellow and have gold lustre on them. Inside th bath bomb there are 3 more star shaped melts but some people have had more inside. The bath bomb is the same colour blue from outside in. 

The melts in this bath bomb make it very moisturising compared to other bath bombs. And you don’t need to use all 6 melts that are inside you could fis them out of the water when you see them and keep them for other baths. Or just have a super luxurious toffee scented bath with all the toffee scented things

It turns the water a beautiful blue colour with a hint of gold lustre from the melts. The blue isn’t as dark as Intergalactic water but it’s still just as beutiful 

Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar 

I’ve never used a reusable bubble bar before till I got this from the Lush Christmas items. I love the colour, the cute little bell on the ribbon and of course it smells like Snow Fairy which is one of my favourites. 

One swish of this wand under a running tap creates a lovely amount of sweet smelling bubbles. It turns the water a lovely light pink colour, with a little bit of sparkle from the sliver lustre which is on the outside. I used two swished to get extra bubbles as I like lots of bubbles. The bubbles were really softening as well, I find this with all lush bubble bars. 

This smells like Snow Fairy so you can combine it with everything snow fairy for an extra set bath or you can combine it with other scents, I enjoy lord of misrule with my snow fairy as the spicy goes well with the sweetness. 

I was going to take the bubble bar off the stick before I used it but I thought that I may damage it and it would last significantly longer by leaving it on the stick. I did however take the ribbon off as I didn’t want the bell to get rusty over time. These bubble wands seem to be a lot stronger than a traditional bubble bar. Which I didn’t think would be the case. I also thought that you would need a lot of it to get a good amount of bubbles but you don’t.