Plum Rain Body Spray

This product is an Exclusive to Lush Oxford Street and some other stores in the south of the country. But it is also available online for people to order, unless you live in the US, as these sprays contain alcohol so they cannot be sent over to the US.

Anyway, so this body spray just comes in a plain black bottle with a spray top. Not like an aerosol┬áspray its a pump action spray like an air freshener. Which means it’s better for the environment.

When you first spray this, it smells exactly like the Plum Rain shower gel. So like sour plums, it very nice and a sort of summery smell. So I will definitely be wearing this during the summer months. Along with using my plum rain shower gel, as this is now a regular line item so I can use up the bottle that I bought from the kitchen a while ago.

After it has had a chance to develop, orange notes appear bringing forward a new scent to this spray. I didn’t honestly think that it would develop into anything different other than the smell of Plum Rain shower gel. After the orange note passes then the smell is sort of like tomato leaves. Which isn’t a bad smell, unless like me you don’t like the smell of tomatoes.

I found that this does last on the skin for a long time, and if you get it on your clothes then it will last even longer, days even. Which I have experienced with another body spray that I’ve used (review to come). I managed to get a full night out with only two sprays on my neck, and the next morning it had complete worn off which means I didn’t have to deal with that sort of stale perfume smell which always makes me feel ill.

I really like this body spray, the only downsides to it being the black bottle and the fact that one spray is really wet and takes ages to dry down on your skin. So I recommend putting it on before you get dressed and doing your hair or makeup or something till it’s all dry to avoid transfer to your clothes.


Scrubee Body Butter Mothers Day 2017

Another review for you all, my first impressions and review on Scrubee Body Butter. This was brought out as part of the Mother’s Day range 2017 and stuck around until Easter.

Scrubee shares its scent with the Honey I Washed the Kids range, which includes a perfume, soap, shower gel, bubble bar, body scrub, reusable bubble bar and more. The Honey I Washed the Kids scent family if toffee and caramel scented. Scubee has that toffee smell but also has a hint of white chocolate in there too.

To use Scrubee you should wet your skin under the running water of the shower or in the bath then rub the Scrubee bar over your skin like you would do with a bar of soap, or a massage bar. Then I left the residue of the butter on my skin for a little while like you leave your conditioner on for a minute or two, then wash off the residue. When you wash it off you will see that the water will bead on your skin, like as if there is a waterproof layer on your skin, after a few rubs this will come off a little bit but not fully. However this doesn’t make you skin feel horrible or anything, it makes your skin feel really soft after you have dried off your skin when you get out of the bath or shower.

At first I didn’t like the feeling of the reside on my skin after I had used this body butter, although my skin did feel super soft after getting dry. The smell from Scrubee filled the entire upstairs of the house and to half way down the stairs too which I was very surprised at. The scent lasted on the sin for a good while too and my skin still feels soft now although I haven’t used my Scrubee for a few days now.

There is ground up coconut shell in the dark stripes of Scrubee which help to remove dead skin and the honey in the bar allows for nourishment of the skin. You can choose to use just the butter side or the scrub side of this bar, though after I had used it on just my arms and legs there was a rather large dent in my bar so a whole one wouldn’t last very long if you were going to use it every day.

Overall this product is really nice, and it is a shame that it is limited edition, I would love to see this become part of a permanent range at Lush. Hopefully they may bring it back next year or at another point this year, or even put it in the Lush Kitchen so people could stock up on them.


Mr Sandman Dusting Powder (Blog-mass #20)

So Christmas is only 5 days away now. Who’s excited? I know I am despie Christmas being a very difficult time of year for me and my family. 

On to this review…

Mr Sandman Dusting Powder shares it’s scent with the Twilight scent family, so Sleepy Body Lotion,  Twilight bath bomb, Twilight shower Gel, luxury Lush Pud bath bomb. Honestly I think this is amazing. This smell puts me right to sleep in just a few hours

I used this only on my arms and the heat of my skin made the smell rise up around me as sort of a veil of fragrance following me round wherever I went. The smell is very mild and not too strong which makes it perfect for bed time. I also know people who use this on their sheets to help them drop off to sleep at night. 

This dusting Powder does seem more course than fairy dust which is find nice it’s sort of like a scrub before bed. Which means it also softens the skin leaving you feeling baby soft in the morning. 

There is some lustre in this so you are left with a subtle gold shimmer over your skin. I probably wouldn’t out this on before a night out as the lavender smell is more for bed time. But if it wasn’t as strong I would use this before I go out as the gold shimmer is really nice. 

Fairy Dust Dusting Powder (Blog-mass #19)

I’ve never used a dusting Powder before, yes I know, how on earth did that happen? Well I think really they aren’t something that has appealed to me. That was until now when I got my huge lush christmas order containing within it Fairy Dust.
At first I wasn’t sure about the smell of this. Yes it smells like Snow Fairy but it’s really strong sort of like a ery concentrated version of it. Obviously it needs to be very concentrated as you dust this over your skin lightly like a talc after you’ve had a bath. 

This has a lovely pink colour with lots of lustre, so you shimmer all night long and the next day as well. In fact I think I shimmered for about 2 whole days in total and yes I did have a bath so I don’t know why it clung to my skin so much. I think next time I’ll be using less just in case that was the issue here.

The smell lasts with you all day and all night so this would be perfect to pop on before going out for a works Christmas party or a night out. I think as well if you were to apply this with a small brush you could use it as a high lighter as it is so shimmery and shiny. 

Overall this dusting Powder is really nice, it leaves you with a lovely light shimmer, light snow fairy scent on your skin and leaves you skin feeling super soft and silky 

Sleepy Body Lotion (Blog-mass #18)

So Christmas is nearly upon us.I just put up my Christmas tree yesterday. Anyway onto this review of Sleepy Body Lotion.

This stuff has saved my life recently. I’ve not been sleeping well because of stress with assignments and university in general. But this body lotion helps me sleep like a baby.
It smells exactly the same as Twilight bath bomb and shower gel, and also similar to Luxury Lush Pud. I think in face it smells a lot more malty than Twilight, because of the heat of your skin. 

This is perfect for smoothing over your skin before slipping on your pajamas and slipping under the sheets. The malty lavender smell helps you drift off to sleep in no time. 

I love this lotion, and I will be getting a bigger tub when I can before all the Christmas stock gets took off sale forever. I hope that this does get put to being a regular line product as it is so wonderful. 

This lotion is a very light purple colour with some silver lustre on the top. Sadly this isn’t throughout the lotion but you could mix it through 

Chrisingle Body Conditioner (Blog-mass #9)

I used this for the first time a few days ago and I don’t regret buying it.

When you first open the black pot you are hit with a stunning blue colour of this body conditioner, I’ve never seen any other product with such a stunning blue colour at all.

The next thing you get hit with is the smell, strong mint, almost like a peppermint smell. Stronger in smell than Salt & Peppermint Bark. Really fills your nose when you rub it into your skin. I don’t know if using this in the bath or shower would make the smell stronger as I’ve not used it as an actual body conditioner just yet. I’ve only used it as a body lotion. 

I heard from others that chrisingle makes you feel cold when you first put it on your skin. I didn’t seem to get this effect until a little while after while I was sitting in the living room. I did get chills and it made me feel quite refreshed. So I don’t understand why this is released in the winter time as it seems to be more of a summer product. 

I used this after my bath but not in the bath as you are supposed to with a body conditioner, take it into the bath or shower, wash with your usual body wash, slather some of this on, the wash it off and pat dry. Using a body conditioner like that makes me feel sticky, so I decided to just use this as a lotion which it works just as well,  just you have to use less as you aren’t washing it off. 

Christingle body conditioner is a very good product. It makes your skin soft while refreshing you on hot days. It’s also good for winter as if you used it when you have a cold it will open up your synuses and help you breathe. I will get more if this to use during the summer as I think it would be perfect for then, especially if it was really hot and you kept it in the fridge. 

Salt and Peppermint Bark (Blog-mass #6)

I haven’t had the pleasure of using many seasonal products from Lush in the past, I mean I got some from the Halloween range last year but nothing too much, not like this year. This year I managed to get all of the Halloween range and most of the Christmas rage, there are some things that I need to buy but I wanted to get from the store as I wanted to smell them first.

So this year I got my first Salt and Peppermint Bark solid scrub, and oh my goodness it is the best thing I have ever had the pleasure of rubbing on my body. First off the smell, it smells like well peppermint, so much minty goodness that it would open up your synuses when you have a cold.

To use a solid scrub you take it into the bath or shower with you (I used mine in the bath). You get your skin wet and the scrub bar if you like, then rub the bar over your skin. I only used mine on my arms, focusing on any dry areas like my elbows. After a few passes the bar started to get sudsy, but it didn’t lather up like a shower gel. More the sort of lather you get when you use Rub Rub Rub shower scrub. Once you;ve rubbed the bar where you want it you just wash off the residue on your skin and you are left with amazingly soft and minty scented skin.

The softening effect from this comes from the various butters contained within. And the salt and sugar which gently expholiate the skin to remove all the dead skin that builds uo wound certain places like elbows and knees.

I used this on its own then followed up after my bath with some Charity Pot on those dry elbows. Which after only one use of this product went away, so i will be stocking up on this before Christmas is over, though I do want to use the other sold scrubs Lush have so I will be getting Rough with the Smooth to try as I heard it smells of Lord of Misrule, and I love that scent at the moment.

The only down side to this scrub is the fact that it seemed to be a little soft when I was using it in the bath. I don’t know if that was because I got too much water onto the bar, or because I managed to squeeze it too hard. Once I left it to dry out it hardened up again over night, so I would invest in some sort of soap dish to keep this in if you do get one. 

Over all this is a lovely little scrub, it smells very much like Christmas to me with the peppermint element of Christmas sweets like candy canes and Peppermint Bark sweets. The colour is very nice too green with pink and while patches.