Plum Rain Body Spray

This product is an Exclusive to Lush Oxford Street and some other stores in the south of the country. But it is also available online for people to order, unless you live in the US, as these sprays contain alcohol so they cannot be sent over to the US.

Anyway, so this body spray just comes in a plain black bottle with a spray top. Not like an aerosol┬áspray its a pump action spray like an air freshener. Which means it’s better for the environment.

When you first spray this, it smells exactly like the Plum Rain shower gel. So like sour plums, it very nice and a sort of summery smell. So I will definitely be wearing this during the summer months. Along with using my plum rain shower gel, as this is now a regular line item so I can use up the bottle that I bought from the kitchen a while ago.

After it has had a chance to develop, orange notes appear bringing forward a new scent to this spray. I didn’t honestly think that it would develop into anything different other than the smell of Plum Rain shower gel. After the orange note passes then the smell is sort of like tomato leaves. Which isn’t a bad smell, unless like me you don’t like the smell of tomatoes.

I found that this does last on the skin for a long time, and if you get it on your clothes then it will last even longer, days even. Which I have experienced with another body spray that I’ve used (review to come). I managed to get a full night out with only two sprays on my neck, and the next morning it had complete worn off which means I didn’t have to deal with that sort of stale perfume smell which always makes me feel ill.

I really like this body spray, the only downsides to it being the black bottle and the fact that one spray is really wet and takes ages to dry down on your skin. So I recommend putting it on before you get dressed and doing your hair or makeup or something till it’s all dry to avoid transfer to your clothes.