Flopsy Face Wash Jelly Easter 2017

Hello guys, so I’m home from uni at the moment so I’m going to try and get loads of reviews done for you over my Easter break.

So I got my lush Easter and Mother’s Day order the other day and this was the first thing that I have tried from everything I got, I’m going to do another post after this about my recent orders that I had waiting for me at home.

Back to Flopsy face wash jelly, so this jelly is quite surprising, if you’ve ever used a shower jelly from Lush before you’ll know how wet they are when you get them. Well Flopsy isn’t wet like normal shower jellies, this could be because it is a face wash but never mind. This jelly to me sort of feels like tofu, it has the same sort of texture to me, I’ve only felt tofu once and I know it felt gross.

This jelly is shaped like a rabbit face and is ever so slightly creepy, like something that could have come from a horror movie. It’s pale yellow in colour, and creates a nice white lather when you rub it between your hands.

To use this face wash jelly you can either pinch off a small piece and rub that between your fingers or onto wet skin, or you can rub the entire jelly onto your face or between your hands then rub the lather onto your face.

It leaves you skin feeling very soft after using it which is more so than my current cleanser does. And I have very dry skin most of the time so having something like this which makes me skin softer its a bonus. I’ve only used it once so far so I can’t say for sure that it has improved my skin as of yet.

Flopsy face wash jelly smells like lemons, so it’s a lovely fresh scent to help wake you up in the morning. It also contains carrot infusion which means it has a similar smell to Snowman jelly from Christmas, in fact a lot of things in the Easter range share the same smell as Snowman jelly as that also contains carrot infusion. Unfortunately when this jelly is warm and wet the smell changes and to my nose becomes unpleasant. This could just be my nose though.

Overall this jelly is very softening to the skin, but I don’t think I would buy it again when I run out as it is so dry and the texture is slightly odd which I don’t like. However the smell is lovely when its cold which I like.


Popcorn Lip Scrub

This was one of the first things I ever bought from Lush, about 3 years ago before I got into Lush as much as I am now. I thought it was lovely when I first bought it, it smelled amazing, exactly like sweet and salty popcorn which is my favourite. I found that this scrubbed my lips really well every time I used it as it was very rough and it tastes very nice too. But after a while it fell to the back of my mind, and my make up bag and I forgot about it until recently when my lips were super dry and I needed a scrub, but I couldn’t get to Lush at that point. So I dug around and found this, by this point it was 3 years old. It smelled okay so I used it, however upon licking it off I found that it tasted horrid so I needed a new one. I do not recommend keeping a lip scrub for 3 years at all, even though most Lush products are self preserving and the lips scrubs are just oil and sugar. This does do a good job but I also found that it was very dry compared to other lip scrubs that I have used, and after a while it did taste bad.

Mint Julips Lip Scrub

This smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream. And tastes just as good as it smells. Using this is as simple as dip, scrub, lick. I love this lip scrub more than the other Popcorn one which I have used in the past. This one tastes much better and smells much nicer too. I don’t think I will use any other lip scrub other than this one, though I have had my eye on Santa’s Lip Scrub from the Christmas range so I may grab one of those to try too. The oils in this scrub add moisture to the lips, and the sugar removes any dead skin and old lip stick, I have that problem as I tend to wear a lot of dark colours on my lips. I always use a lip balm after (not a Lush one as I have not found one that I like yet) to boost the moisture levels in my lips and also to help them recover from the scrub. It would be lovely if Lush could make a lip balm with the same smell as this lip scrub as I love it so much and I think the mint in it would have a plumping effect on the lips too.

Popcorn Lip Scrub

This was one of a selection of first products that I bought from Lush, many years ago. At the time I loved the smell but as time went on and the product got older the smell became horrible. I had this for about 3 years before getting ┬ánew one recently. Lush lip scrubs do last a while as they are only oil, sugar and flavourings, though I don’t recommend keeping one for that long. They made your lips feel super soft after scrubbing them and I use my new lip scrub almost every day. I don’t think that I would buy another in the Popcorn flavour because I wasn’t overly impressed with the smell, and I didn’t think it was as soft as my new one.

Cupcake – Fresh Face Mask

I’ve been using Cupcake for a while despite it being made for oily and spot prone skin. I love the smell of this mask, it smells like chocolate cake, and looks like chocolate cake. The texture on my skin is kinda like spreading thick chocolate onto your skin. After a while the mask does dry out, even when you keep it in the fridge like directed. My mask is currently out of date but it still smells fine, works fine and I haven’t had a reaction to it. And because of the price I’m not going to throw it out. When I finish this I might get another one and freeze it till I’m ready to use it, because I want to try other face masks from Lush. I have tried some samples but I never knew what they were called and I really liked them.

Ocean Salt Self Preserving Face and Body Scrub

I used this first on my face but I found it to be too harsh so I won’t be using it on my face again. My skin did feel lovely and fresh after using it which I think is because of the alcohol in the scrub. I’m going to try and use this on my body to see how ell it does. Honestly comparing this to other scrubs that I’ve used I’d rather use Rub Rub Rub or a Soap & Glory scrub on my face as my skin does tend to be sensitive to rough scrubs, I may use up my sample on my face and possibly try the alcohol free version because it could be the alcohol that bothers my skin more than the salt in the scrub. Because I know alcohol toners bother my skin. After I’ve tried that, then I’ll have a abetter idea on my opinion on this product.