I Love Juicy Shampoo

This is a very interesting shampoo, the colour is very odd, like a pale yellow colour, and it smells like grapefruit and other citrus fruits. I used this and really liked it, it worked wonders on my hair, my hair felt really clean and I didn’t need to wash it as often after using this shampoo.

The smell lasted a long time on my hair which was nice, even when i used it with American Cream conditioner. It also combines really well with American Cream conditioner, which I didn’t think it would because of the citrus in the shampoo.

This shampoo is full on enzymes that are good for the hair, which mean that if you have very oily hair then this takes away all the excess oil from your hair, which means you don’t have to wash your hair as much. I don’t have oily hair so I found that if I use this too much it will dry out my hair, especially the ends, as the ends of my hair are usually always dry.

I don’t think I would choose to buy this personally, as I know that this won’t suit my hair type because I have normal to dry hair


American Cream – Conditioner

This conditioner is amazing, I wish I bought a bigger bottle. It’s very light and doesn’t weigh down my hair at all. My hair felt deeply conditioned after using this and the smell lasts ages. Not too sweet strawberry with a hint of creamy vanilla. I wish I’d known about this sooner because my hair feels great after I use this. I want to try a little as a leave in treatment when my hair is wet because I’ve been recommended to do that*. I’m definitely going to get a bigger bottle to use as an occasional treat on my hair alongside a lovely Lush shampoo or shampoo bar. This pairs well with Daddy-o shampoo and I love Juicy.

I have tried this as a leave in treatment on the ends of my hair and it worked really well. I didn’t think that it would, or it would make my hair hard, but my hair was super soft the next day after using it and I think the smell lasted even longer than it does when you wash it out*

Big – Solid Conditioner Bar

I got a sample when I made on order from Lush online. And I wasn’t very impressed with it. I kept using it in hopes that I could get it to work, with no avail. So I dropped an email to Lush and got a full size bar sent to me for free and this one actually works. This conditioner is very rich but light on the hair, it doesn’t help my knotty curly hair, but leaves a light beautiful scent. I will continue to use this till it runs out but I’m not sure if I would buy this again. I’m glad Lush were kind enough to send me this for free but I don’t think solid conditioners are for me personally. I do love the smell and how my hair feels after using this. Thought I don’t think it makes me feel like a mermaid unless I combine it with Big sea salt shampoo

Honey I Washed My Hair – Shampoo Bar

This smells super yummy like caramel or toffee. It shares its smell with Honey I Washed The Kids soap. The honey in this bar is very softening and leaves my hair super soft even without conditioner and the smell lasts on my hair for a long time. I will definitely get a full size bar of this when the sampled gets too small to use. The sample I got came with a glob of honey in the top but after a while the honey absorbed into the bar and dried up, but you can still use the bar. I later this in my hands firs then run the suds over and into my hair. I found this this bar lathers up better than Copper Head. I will definitely get a full bar, probably on the Student Shopping Night because of the discount. Again Lush gave me a quarter of a bar as the sample so I’m sure it will last me a long time.

Copper Head Solid Shampoo – Online Exclusive

I’ve never used a solid shampoo before so I asked for a sample of Copper Head to try mainly because it has henna in it which I like to use to bring out my natural tones of my hair. It lathers up really well, either in my hands or by rubbing the bar along the length of my hair. It’s better for my to rub the bar in my hands as my hair falls out a lot when I wash it so there would be a lot getting stuck to the bar. It has a rather unique smell to it but it’s nice, there’s a hint of coffee in the smell and maybe something floral. It doesn’t leave brown stains when you put it down on the side of the bath or shower when it’s wet, but these wash off easily straight away. I’ll get a full bar of this when the sample starts to run low, because I really like this shampoo bar, which I didn’t think I would. It leaves my hair really soft even without conditioner. Lush were very generous with the sample that they gave me, as they gave me a quarter of a bar which should last me roughly 20 washes when a full bar should last around 80 washes.

Daddy-O Shampoo

This violet tinted shampoo is meant to be used by people with blonde hair (either natural or dyed) to tone out any brassiness. I used it because I liked the colour and the smell. It smells like Parma Violets sweets and has the colour to match. It smells great and lingers on the hair for a long time, even after using a strong smelling conditioner like American Cream. It doesn’t later up too much, but I don’t think that I used enough as I do use a lot of shampoo. Hopefully next time it will lather up better. I would definitely buy a bottle of this when my sample runs out as it doesn’t leave any residue on my hair like some shampoos do. And it should brighten up my naturally dark brown hair, as I do have some blonde in my hair too, which is natural,