Plum Rain Body Spray

This product is an Exclusive to Lush Oxford Street and some other stores in the south of the country. But it is also available online for people to order, unless you live in the US, as these sprays contain alcohol so they cannot be sent over to the US.

Anyway, so this body spray just comes in a plain black bottle with a spray top. Not like an aerosol¬†spray its a pump action spray like an air freshener. Which means it’s better for the environment.

When you first spray this, it smells exactly like the Plum Rain shower gel. So like sour plums, it very nice and a sort of summery smell. So I will definitely be wearing this during the summer months. Along with using my plum rain shower gel, as this is now a regular line item so I can use up the bottle that I bought from the kitchen a while ago.

After it has had a chance to develop, orange notes appear bringing forward a new scent to this spray. I didn’t honestly think that it would develop into anything different other than the smell of Plum Rain shower gel. After the orange note passes then the smell is sort of like tomato leaves. Which isn’t a bad smell, unless like me you don’t like the smell of tomatoes.

I found that this does last on the skin for a long time, and if you get it on your clothes then it will last even longer, days even. Which I have experienced with another body spray that I’ve used (review to come). I managed to get a full night out with only two sprays on my neck, and the next morning it had complete worn off which means I didn’t have to deal with that sort of stale perfume smell which always makes me feel ill.

I really like this body spray, the only downsides to it being the black bottle and the fact that one spray is really wet and takes ages to dry down on your skin. So I recommend putting it on before you get dressed and doing your hair or makeup or something till it’s all dry to avoid transfer to your clothes.


Yog Nog Solid Pefume

I want to star by saying I payed well over RRP for this tin of Yog Nog solid perfume, which was also half empty. Be careful who you buy from.

I love the smell of this solid perfume, it smells so much like Christmas. Its a very spicy smell, with clove oil. Its rather creamy too which makes it a very warming smell too. I think this is perfect for the winter, but I don’t think I would use it in the summer, as I think it would be a rather sickly smell. There’s a sort of fruity smell too, like oranges maybe spiced fruit, like Christmas Cake.

The smell of this lasts on the skin for a long time, which is good, meaning you don’t have to top up the perfume during the day. I have had several complements when I have been wearing this perfume, as it is rather strong and people notice it straight away. When it is “fresh” it is very strong so people pick up on it straight away.

Sadly I have not been able to try any other Yog Nog scented things which usually come out at Christmas, and can’t compare it to anything that has been previously released. I don’t think that anything Yog Nog is coming out this Christmas, so I won’t be able to get my hands on any, unless someone is selling some in a de-stash.

Celebrate Solid Perfume

First off I want to start with the fact that I payed well over RRP for this solid perfume and I feel very stupid for doing so.

Anyway this smells super yummy, like oranges and limes, there is a hint of something else behind those two ingredients which is nice, I would say that this is a multi layered scent, which appeals to me. Also going off other reviews that I have read of this perfume it seemed like something that I would enjoy and get a lot of use out of. I think this would work for all times of year, especially the summer as you don’t want to get into a bath with a Celebrate bath bomb, so you can cover yourself with this perfume.

I love the Celebrate scent family, and I’m glad I got to get some of this before Christmas, and if it comes out in the Kitchen then I might grab another tin. I’m glad that I own one of these (not so much about paying over the odds for it but never mind) I think this 12g tub will last me a long time. The tins are value for money although you do have to top up the scent a few times during the day. So far I have used this a lot and not made a dent in it.

Dream Time Temple Balm

This balm is actually really good, I have been having trouble sleeping for months and months, especially when I’m at university and I’m stressed. I’ve not used this every night as some nights I can fall asleep without it. I also found tat one night i went to bed with a headache, applied some of this balm and the ache seemed to go away pretty much instantly. I got this balm in a prize from a competition that I won, which I was so pleased about, I loved all of the items that were in the prize, but this was a DISO for me. And they were so over priced on eBay it was ridiculous. This smells really lovely, like lavender, chamomile and there is a hint of ginger in there too, I find this works best if you rub your finger in the pot then apply a thin layer to each temple, or down the bridge of the nose, then also apply some to the inside of the wrists as well, as I sleep with my arm tucked under my head so I can smell it all night if I put some on my wrist. I would buy this again in a heart beat when I start to run out, hopefully that should be a good while away though, or if they put it in the Lush Kitchen then I will get some from there to keep for when this one runs out or for if i loose this one which I have a feeling might happen.

Dirty Solid Perfume

Now you may already know I’m a sucker when it comes to anything Dirty scented… And this is literally my favourite thing Dirty scented. It smells exactly the same as Dirty Spring Wash, maybe a little bit more minty. The smell of this perfume is a wonderful blend of spearmint, sandalwood and lavender all combining together to make a scent which is wonderful for both men and women. The smell of this is very fresh and minty, and the solid is also a nice blue green colour, but doesn’t leave any marks on your skin, unless you rub it in too hard. I think this would work well for any season as well, as it would cool you down and help you feel fresh in the summer, but also in the winter remind you of hot summer days and warm you up. I would use this every day because it is simple but complex at the same time (yes I know, that doesn’t make sense) and not too over powering, and I think it would be wonderful combined with the other Dirty scented products for a huge minty impact. This as well helped with my anxiety was bad as the mint smell helped me to relax and control my breathing again

Death and Decay Solid Perfume

Honestly I wasn’t sure if I would like this at all as it contains mainly lilies, and I don’t find the smell of lilies to be all that nice. Going off the initial sniff, this smells like “old ladies” which is found off putting, but I picked some up on my finger and spread it onto the inside of my arm to try the smell out and see how it would be on my skin, as I know that perfumes smell different on the skin depending on the oils and pH etc. After having this on for a few hours, I actually started to like the smell, it didn’t smell like old ladies and was actually a very complex smell, more complex than some perfumes that I usually wear. I find this smell to be gothic and lady like. I don’t find it too strong either so it won’t set off my asthma, and it doesn’t make me sneeze like some spray perfumes do. This perfume is very fresh, and makes a change to heavy perfumes that you can buy on the high street. Honestly the only reason I bought this was because of the name “Death & Decay” and I’m so glad I did because I think this is becoming a firm favourite of mine already, and it’s only been ¬†a few days since I owned it.