End of 2016 Lush Empties

So happy New Years Eve everybody. I hope you have had a good Christmas and are looking forward to the next year. Going with the theme of out with the old and in win the new I thought I would share 20th you my lush empties from 2016 and my plans for this blog and Lush buying in 2017. Enjoy

Okay so here are my lush empties from 2o16. I’m going to do this at the end of 2017 as well. I hope you enjoy. I will be adding a picture later when I get chance.

  1. Yuzu and cocoa shower cream
  2. D’Fluff shaving Cream 
  3. Ambrosia shaving cream 
  4. Cupcake fresh face mask 
  5. Nightwing shower jelly 
  6. Snow Fairy 100g
  7. Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask 
  8. Daddy O shampoo 
  9. It’s raining men shower gel
  10. Tooth Fairy tooth powder 
  11. Wash that man right out of my hair shower gel
  12. Miles of Smiles toothy tabs 
  13. Don’t tain on my parade shower gel
  14. Prince shaving cream 
  15. Dirty shaving cream 
  16. Ocean salt face and body scrub 
  17. Charity Pot 
  18. Rub Rub Rub shower scrub 

So my plan for this blog for 2017. I will still be at uni till May, but from the I will be able to blog freely and in my own time. I want to still keep to a schedule so I’m thinking of posting a minium of 4 times a week which would be Monday, Wednesday, Friday and either Saturday or Sunday. I’d get all my posts for the week written on my day off or the weekend. When I have a holiday I will try to post every day. I would like to do that while still studying. 

Plans for buying lush and using lush. I’m not going to hord things unless I really like them. I’m not allowing myself to buy things needlessly from the Kitchen just because I like the sound of the item. If it’s on my ISO list then I will buy it. If not then I won’t buy it. And I will be sure to buy all the seasonal items when they come out incase I fall in love with somehing so I have time to get more before things get changed out. 


Blog-mass #25 What I Love about Lush

I have to give my credit to LushIsGroovie for this as this was her first blog-mass blog post. I decided to to mine on Christmas day. I’d like to start off with wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and I hope that you all have a wonderful day today,  and I hope sant was good to you and gave you lots of Lush goodies. Thank you for sticking with me for 25 reviews over advent. I will possible continue these up to new year but if I don’t I have something planned for new years eve or new years day so stay tuned. 

So why do I love lush as much as I do

1) Their products help me to destress after a long day, being at uni can be stressful. And having the option to soak in a tub with my favourite bath bomb, or even just take a shower with a bottle of Twilight shower gel before settling down in bed makes the long days and nights worth it

2) Lush has introduced me to new concepts that I would have never even though possible, like Fun. It’s soft like play dough, but bubbles up like soap. You can play with it, wash your hair with it, use it for bubbles, and wash yourself with it. What’s not to love. And massage bars I thought you could only get massage oils which are messy, bars are perfect. Solid shampoo and conditioner, I could go on. 

3) My skin has never felt better, I don’t use lush cleansers but I do use theur face masks when I can. Having dry skin it can be hard to find things on the high street which actually work, but walk into lush and you can easily see what products with suit your skin, and if you aren’t sure you can ask the friendly staff and they will help you decide what you need 

4) My room always smells amazing, because I have so many lush products stored away, my room literally smells like a Lush store which is amazing, I get used to the smell but every now and again I can smell it really strongly, I probably shouldn’t keep as much lush as I do but I don’t care. I like having Lush around.

5) Lush has introduced me to so many new smells that I never even thought about. Before I knew I liked citrus smells and sweet smells. But now I’ve discovered Earthy smells like Guardian of the Forest, masculine smells like Lord of Misrule and Dirty. I still don’t like floral smells which I found from my pot of Joy of Jelly, but I know now not to buy another one.

6) The amazing Lush community. I’ve met so many amazing people,  all be it through my lush Instagram and the two Facebook groups which I’m part of. But meeting all these people makes me feel like I’m not alone in my fight with my mental health. I hope that one day I’ll be able to meet some of the people I’ve met, be it at a lush meet up, or the Lush showcase which I want to go to at some point in the future.  

7) I love Lush’s ethics, yes it may be expensive to some people (it’s expensive to me at times) but honestly they have such high quality hand made products in such unique smells that you can’t find on the high street, and their ethics are good.

8) I’m glad I discovered the Lush Kitchen to give me change to buy things that I love from ages ago and also to try new things that haven’t been seen in stores for a long time 

9) Going into a lush store can really help to reduce my anxiety, and stress levels.  Or even just going through m lush stash and smelling things seems to help make me feel better 

10) I can’t think of a 10th one 😂

My Life and Sepsis

So my life and Sepsis, I recently lost my father to this terrible condition that not many people know about, and I would really appreciate it if you guys could take the time to read this post, and maybe visit the websites named at the bottom and maybe make a donation to the Sepsis Trust UK to help make sure no one else has to suffer from Sepsis and more people can recover from this condition, because it is curable if you catch it early enough.

So what exactly is Sepsis, I hear you ask. Well it can also be referred to as blood poisoning or septicaemia, and can be a life threatening condition which is triggered by something simple such as a cut or graze to the skin. It becomes apparent when your body if starting to fight the infection, but your immune system goes into over drive and starts to reduce blood supply to organs such as the kidneys, brain and heart. Without quick response and treatment this can eventually lead to organ failure and eventually death. Which sadly happened to my father back in January 2015.

What should you look out for? Well there are some early warning sighs that you or a loved one could have sepsis, at first it may look like a simple cold or flu like symptoms but the key things to look out for are:

S- Slurred Speach

E- Extreme Shivering or Muscle Pains

P- Passing no Urine in a day

S- Severe Breathlessness

I- “I Feel Like I Might Die”

S- Skin that is Mottled or Discoloured (blue fingers and toes)


If you or your loved one has any of these symptoms you should call 111 and ask the question “I think it might be sepsis” even if you are wrong it’s better to get them to hospital sooner rather than later, as later could be too late if it is Sepsis. (some other symptoms are listed on the NHS choices)

It is possible to recover from sepsis, my dad did twice over, sometimes there are lasting conditions and further complications. But the longer someone spends in hospital, the better the rehabilitation process and the less likely they are to have any further complications, or to even come across sepsis again in their life. Some people have it once as a child and never have any more problems, some people have it as adults and have no more problems

My Story: During september 2014 my dad got an infection in a cut on one of his legs, it got worse and knowing how he was he wouldn’t go and see a doctor about it. Untill it got really bad and he had to go and see the nurse every few days to get the wound dressed, and cleaned. So one day (not long before I went back to university, he had to go to the hospital for some IV antibiotics, and to get the wound deep cleaned. He never came back out of hospital from that day. I went to see him before I went back to uni, then went off to uni as normal… Then came the Xmas break, mum told me dad was home, but he wasn’t his usual self; his legs hurt a lot and he was thinner than before; but he was okay, or so I thought. Over that Xmas break he fell twice and eventually went back into hospital with a little bit of persuasion by me, because for some reason I was the only one he would listen to.

After my Xmas holidays, mum told me dad had gone into intensive care, again. He was in there for 2 weeks and those were the last two weeks of his life, which I missed because I was at university. We thought he would pull through, and so did the staff. The fought so hard to keep my dad alive, even when he pretty much wasn’t conscious. They made the decision to operate on him to take his legs, to try and keep him alive, though it wouldn’t have been much of a life. but on Sunday January 18th at 10:00am they asked my mum what she thought they should do. The staff had changed their minds, they didn’t think he would make it to theatre, but they were willing to try anyway. Or she had the option to switch off his life support and see what happens. By that, he could have started to breathe on his own again, without the oxygen being pumped into him, or he might have stayed unconscious. She chose the latter as it was best, because he was barely conscious, he wasn’t speaking at all, he didn’t even know she was there. At 10:10am I got the phone call to say that my dad had passed away ( I was at university at the time, so I couldn’t be there to say goodbye). I remembered the last thing I said to him before I went back to university for spring term was “I’ll see you later dad”… later isn’t coming. I cried, a lot, my friends and teachers were really supporting and gave me all the time that I needed. I have days all the time when I miss my dad, and when I would do anything in this world to have another day with him, or even a few hours for that matter, but I know that will never happen. I have dreams all the time that are so real it’s like my dad is still here, I wear his shirt to bed sometimes when I need that bit of comfort.

I wanted to tell people about what I went through, and to let you know about this horrible condition. I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I did. Just by reading this you could make a difference, once you know the signs you can save a life. September is sepsis awareness month, so that’s why I’m posting this now. I know it may have been difficult to read, I didn’t want to upset anyone or make anyone feel down. Thank you for taking the time to read.

Information taken from sepsistrust.org.uk and http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Blood-poisoning/Pages/Introduction.aspx