Honey I Washed the Kids Soap

So I got this soap a while ago, free from Lush in Middlesbrough as a Random Act of Kindness one day when I was in store. I wasn’t expecting it and honestly, I thought it was lovely as I was going to buy this soap eventually.

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap (HIWTK) is a very creamy colour, almost like honey that has settled at the bottom of the jar or bottle, or cloudy honey that you can sometimes buy. The colour isn’t much to look at honestly, but HIWTK soap makes up for it in other ways. It may not look the nicest but it smells amazing. The new HIWTK soap has a dark brown transparent top layer which has a honeycomb pattern on which is a nice touch considering the older soap was slightly boring.

HIWTK soap smells like toffee and caramel it’s a really lovely smell, very sweet and uplifting, sort of takes me back to being a kid in my grandma’s kitchen as her brother used to keep bees and I remember watching her get the honey out of the honeycomb and getting the wax out too. The warm sticky smell of the honey, just takes me back, especially considering that I don’t like to eat honey because I find it too messy and too sweet on my teeth.

I find this soap to be a little soft as well, in fact, mine got stuck under the top of my lush drawer unit and got damaged and squashed. Which is a little disappointing but I guess it’s just soap and will end up down the drain eventually. I think the creaminess of the soap adds to the lathering of HIWTK soap. As it produces a creamy lather which helps to moisturise the skin and make it soft and supple.

I would buy this soap again when this bar I have runs out as I do really like it. It makes my skin feel soft and moisturised, and leave a lovely light smell of honey on the skin. The smell does last a while and it would last even longer if I combined it with Scrubbee, Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar, It’s Raining Men shower gel and the Honey I Washed The Kids perfume.


Shooting Stars Soap (Blog-mass #22)

Another soap review. Expect somehing amazing on either Christmas eve or Christmas day. Trust me guys. And I already have my post planned out for New Years eve.

Shooting stars soap is a gorgeous purple coloured soap and mine has part of a green star in it. It comes on a huge round with pink, green and yellow stars embedded in the purple background colour. With a good sprinkling of lustre to boot. 

This soap smells sort of like citrus, though this could be bcause it’s been stored nest to my Baked Alaska soap for some time. It sort of smells like sweets, though I can’t put my finger on which sweets it smells like to me. 

I’ve not had chance to use this in the shower yet as I wanted to use up my other pieces of soap before I use the new ones I got from the Christmas range. Even hough yes in still doing a review on it. You can review things that you’ve only smelled. 

I’m assuming this soap would lather up like all the other soaps I’ve used in the past. The only exception to this rule is Snowcastle as it is a lot more creamy. 

Santa’s Postbox Soap (Blog-mass #21)

So sorry it’s late I thought I already had a review done for today. 

So my review of Santa’s Postbox Soap, this soap is beautifully sweet scented. Sort of like strawberries and fruit. It’s very summery especially since it was released in the winter. 

I used this the other day, well a slice of this as I have cut it into smaller slices so I don’t have to take the entire bar with me into the shower when I’m at uni. 

It leaves my skin slightly tacky which is normal for me when I use a soap, as I find that they strip the oils from my skin. 

The smell doesn’t last version long on the skin which is a shame, but then again I’ve not found a soap where the smells lasts as long as a shower gel. I so which that this was a shower gel or if I could find one with a similar smell to this soap as it is so nice. It might last longer on my skin if I use it with a shower puff or something so I will have to try that. 

The piece I got is mostly red with a pink “letter” inside. If this was from a gift set it would be in the same of a small red postbox with gold lustre and colourful letters inside, which are letters to be sent to santa. 

Snowcastle Soap (blog-mass #8)

I have this in the older for of Snow cake Soap which smells the same as the new Snowcastle Soap of 2016. So this review is based upon the soap I own and not this year’s version. However some factors are the same such as colour and smell.

This soap is a lovely milky white colour, with gold lustre sprinkled on the top in an intricate pattern embossed into the soap. This soap is very moisturising on the skin, leaving you seeing super soft and refreshed after using it. The lather produced by this soap is very soft and nourishing which is what you want from a soap in the winter months. Or even in the summer months to give a nice boost to your skin. 

The smell of this soap lasts for quite a while on the skin, which I found that most other Lush soaps don’t leave a smell that lastson the skin. I don’t know if this is because of my skin type or something, as I have heard other people find the smell of the soaps don’t last. Though this last in on the skin also leaves a beautiful smell lingering in the bathroom for hours. 

Snow cake soap smells like almonds to me. Like fresh marzipan or almond biscuits. A nice Christmas smell, I always associate almonds with Christmas. I really enjoy using this soap as it makes my skin feel lovely, and the smell is very gentle and lasts for a long time on the skin. I would buy this soap again or even the shower gel that this shares it’s smell with. 

Fireside Soap – Halloween 2016

I was very sceptical about this soap, as I’d heard mixed reviews from several people. At first sniff this smells, very foodie the smell of the clove oil hits you first before anything else. I like the smell from cloves, but this smelled very strange to me. I think the combination of chestnut, clove and vanilla, but doesn’t do it for me at all.

I used this in the shower and I found that it lathers up very nicely, it creates a lovely soft white later, or slightly pink lather. When you lather this onto your skin it smells nothing like it does when you aren’t in the shower/bath for some reason. I think it smells more like chestnut in the shower.

The smell lasts for a long time on the skin though it is quite subtle, and I think after a while just smells like generic soap to me anyway. I also found that this made my skin feel sort of squeaky, which usually means that the product has striped the oil from your skin. Although my skin feels very soft after using it.

I don’t think that I will purchase this again, as soaps usually last me a long time, since I started cutting them into little slices, and the smell isn’t what I was expecting.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Soap

I got this soap as part of a gift that I was given as part of a student night at my local Lush while I was at university.

I really like this soap, it lathers up really well in your hands with luscious white suds. I think it does tend to dry out the skin if you use too much, like I tend to do as I rub the soap on my skin instead of rubbing it in my hands then onto my skin.

I think this soap smells sort of like lemon sweets. I love the smell of this soap, its a very uplifting smell to me which is good for when you’ve had a bad day or feel run down. This soap also comes in a rainbow of colours, I got a blue piece but it comes in all the colours in a rainbow.

I don’t think that I would buy this if it comes out again, as I find it very drying on my skin. And I know that a bar of soap from Lush, not matter how big or small will last me a long time. Hell I have a piece of Godmother that I’ve had since 2013, that’s how long I can make a bar of soap last


The Godmother Soap

This was the first soap (well in fact the first product) I bought from Lush, I fell in love with the sweet candy smell, which is very similar to Snow Fairy shower gel. The colour is gorgeous, pink purple colour. I’m so sad that they stopped this soap and I missed out on getting any when it was in the Lush Kitchen when it was in there. I should really finish the bar tat I have but I don’t want to in case I can’t get any in the Kitchen at a later time. It doesn’t seem to be as drying as Parsley Porridge, but it does contain moisturising ingredients. It lathers really well on a puff or your hands, leaves skin super soft and silky. But the smell doesn’t hang round for too long on your skin which is a bit of a let down.