Soy Crumbles Co. Wax

Okay guys I have a few (all) of my orders of wax from Soy Crumbles Co. to review. So I will make a list on this post of what I need to review and I will (if I can) link the reviews to each of the item titles on here. I have a lot of orders to go through so on your marks, get set, GO!!!!!!!!!!

July 28th 2017 Order

I made two orders this day as I had two voucher codes to use and I wasn’t sure if i could use both at once so I got

  • Crumble Dew
  • Lavender Lemonade
  • Blueberry Cupcake
  • Green Stressless
  • Yellow Stressless
  • Potter Parcel (Harry’s Wand, The Friendly Giants Garden, Phoenix Tears, Bottz Beans, Forbbiden Forest and You Can’t be Sirius)

June 9th Order 2017

  • 7up Pound Cake
  • Doctor Crumble
  • Sexy Bartender
  • Toffee Candied Apples
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Exploding Unicorns
  • Rainbow Snow Cone
  • Crumble Dew (sample)
  • Pink Sugar/Pink Snow (sample)

April 7th Order 2017

  • Cabin in the Woods
  • Happy Easter
  • Black Raspberry Ice Cream
  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Bubblegum B*tch
  • Crumble Cherry Cola

March 3rd Order 2017

  • Home Sweet Home
  • Sleepy Sloth
  • Black Magic
  • Gummy Bears

January 27th Order 2017

  • Bedtime Goddess
  • Dragon’s Breath
  • Bitchcraft
  • Big Hugs
  • Shark Attack
  • Foody Sample Bundle

December 20th Order 2016

  • Peppermint Mocha Latte
  • Christmas Cookies
  • Reindeer Peppermint Patties
  • Sexy Lumberjack
  • Cinnamon Snow Buns

November 11th Order 2016

  • F*ck Depression
  • Unicron Berries
  • Dargon’s Breath Mini Cup
  • Calming Sample Bundle

I will note that I’m not sure what was in the Calming and Foodie sample bundles as I did get them a while ago, So I may not have reviews from those but I will review everything else that I can


Man Bun Wax Melts from Soy Crumbles UK

I’ll start this off by saying that I love Soy Crumbles UK, everything that they stand for, and all of the scents of wax which I have bought from them recently have been amazing, I’ve not gotten a bad scent from them yet.

Man Bun smells exactly how you would think it would. A manly masculine fragrance, with a hint of lemon. Though the lemon smell on mine could be because of some wax that it has been next to in the box. The main notes of this fragrance to my nose are a sort of aftershave type smell. Which creates a nice fresh scent to this melt.

This melt is a gorgeous blue colour, with bronze coloured glitter on the top. The glitter floats and swirls as the melt are liquid in your burner. Which is very relaxing to watch. It creates a sort of galaxy of stars in your burner.

The melt is very strong and fills the room with scent really quickly once it’s melting. And the smell lasts in the air for hours and hours. I’ve also found that I can get multiple melts from just one cube from a brick of wax from Soy Crumbles, as the melts are so saturated with scent.

Glade Pumpkin Pit Stop Wax Melts

Hey, guys, I’m wanting to get a lot of my wax reviews out of the way so I can focus more on Lush and stuff. I hope you understand if there are a lot of wax reviews in the coming days, that’s why. However, I will still be doing Lush reviews during this time.

I got these a while ago when I first was getting into Wax Melting. I think I got them from Home Bargains or somewhere similar. In the pack, you get six wax melt cubes which are very highly fragranced, even with the pack closed and in a bag, I can smell these melts for a mile off.

Let’s keep going with the smell. These smell very autumnal, with a spicy top note. Almost like a pumpkin spice latte. Which I love to get when the season comes around. When you get up close to these melts you can get an orange note behind all the spice. When these are melting I can’t smell the orange note, but I know they fill the house with amazing spicy fragrance for hours and hours, and when you are done with them for hours after the house still smells amazing. But then the next day I sort of noticed a curry smell in the house which isn’t the best sort of smell to have, unless you really like curry.

Each of these melts is a cube shape and bright orange in colour, I’ve never had the colour stain my melters, one is white, the other light yellow and neither of those have been stained by these melts, even leaving the cooled wax in them for a day or so before taking it out.

These melts are really nice and very strong, however, I don’t think I will be buying these again, though I am ready to try some of the other Glade scents which are on offer in the UK.

Cleave’s Candles Strawberry Dreamcake Wax Chunks

I recently melted these the other day and I will admit now when they were melting despite me being sat very close to my melter I couldn’t smell these melts when they were melting.

The front of these melts say that they are Strawberry chunks and Vanilla chunks with a Strawberry Shortcake overpour. On cold sniff they do smell really nice like a sweet strawberry smell with a hint of vanilla. On cold sniff they are really nice but I couldn’t seem to smell them when they were in my warmer, this migh have just been me that day or it could be to do with me using wax from other companies which is a little bit stronger overall.

In the bag you get 3 chunks of wax, one was smaller so I melted that whole without cutting it up, I thought I should have maybe halfed it instead to get more use. The two bigger chunks I will cut into smaller pieces before I melt them as I think they would overflow my melter which I don’t want to risk.

I was using a tea light melter when I melted these for the first time but that should not effect the throw of melts, as I’ve used some melts in both an electric melter and a tea light burner and it doesn’t make a difference to the throw which once you use.

These melts do smell lovely on cold sniff but because I can’t smell them melting I wouldn’t choose to buy them again, these are the first melts that I’ve had from Cleave’s which I have been let down by, hopefully this is just a one off and shouldn’t happen again.

Cleaves Candles – Twinight (Twilight Dupe) Wax Melts

Another Lush Dupe from Cleave’s, it smells just as good as all the other lush dupes that I have used in the past.

This dupe is meant to smell like Twilight from Lush, hence the name Twinight. The twilight scent family smells like lavender and tonka absolute. The tonka makes the lavender more creamy in smell, and makes it sort of more sleepy and heady than a normal plain lavender scent. I have used many things from the twilight range and I love the smell so I thought I would love these wax melts.

The melts smell dead on for Twilight, with the lavender and tonka smell even all the background notes to the smell are there which sometimes aren’t captured by some of the dupes that are out there. This one from Cleave’s is spot on to the smell of the Twilight scent family.

The melts are a light purple colour which is a similar colour to the Twilight shower gel and the Twilight Bath bomb after it has dissolved in the water. There is also some glitter on the top of the melts which is a nice touch. There is glitter in the Twilight bath bomb which makes the water look like the night sky sort of.


Cleaves Candles – Superstar (Supernova Dupe) Wax Melts

I’ve had these melts for a while and I haven’t got round to writing a review up about them yet. I thought now was a good time to do it.

These wax melts smell like the Supernova bath bomb from Lush, which shares its scent with the Celebrate scent family. So these have a really strong orange smell to them, and I find it really refreshing to my nose. I haven’t used my Supernova bath bombs which I have though I have used Bubbly Shower Gel from the Christmas range.

The smell of these wax melts besides containing orange, there is also a slight floral smell and some sort of mint behind the orange smell, which makes the smell nice and fresh. I love the smell of these wax melts, they are spot on to the smell of Supernova.

These melts are a light pink colour with multicoloured glitter on the top. The glitter reminds me of a galaxy of stars. The melts have gone frosted which does happen to soy wax, it does not effect the smell of the melts or the throw when they are melting.

I would buy these melts again if they ever came back into stock and for long enough so I could buy some. So for now I will be saving at least one for as long as possible but the other ones out of the 4 I have I will melt and enjoy. As for Lush Dupes the ones from Cleave’s are really top notch, I love them so much and have quite a few to review.

Cleave’s Candles Cinnamon Doughnuts Wax Melts

Another scent that reminds me of autumn cinnamon doughnuts, a firm fairground favourite. I love eating fresh doughnuts when I’m at the fair or watching fireworks, or just anywhere if there’s a fresh doughnut with cinnamon sugar or chocolate dip. I want doughnuts now.

These melts smell so good, even on cold sniff they’re really strong, I have them next to me while I’m writing this and they smell so strong. It’s nice to find a wax melt which are really strong on cold sniff.

The throw on Cleave’s melts is always really good, filling the room with a nice strong smell of cinnamon doughnuts. So anyone who walks in will think there’s a fresh plate of cinnamon doughnuts on the side.

These melts are a light golden brown colour, with golden glitter on the top of the melts. As I have had these melts for a while they have gone frosted or cloudy which happens with most soy wax melts over time, especially if you don’t use them quickly. But this does not in any way effect the smell of the melts or how well they throw.

I would buy these melts again if they ever came in stock again I would buy more as I do really like the smell it reminds me of autumn, and I love the smell of fresh doughnuts.